Welcome to Carl’s Portfolio

Carl Fink is a learning designer and developer, as well as a technical writer. Here are a few things I’ve done.

Virtual Reality Projects

Learning in virtual spaces is a key and expanding area. This records my own work in this space.


Digital courses

Don't Be Fooled
Online course to teach middle grades how to evaluate stories they hear or read, especially on the Internet
Maneuver Control System, Enemy Order of Battle
E-learning for operators of the US Army's Maneuver Control System, and for their officers.


Publications other than training or reference manuals, such as magazines and web sites.

Create a Multi-Camera Web Page
Smart Computing article on using multiple webcams simultaneously. Note that Smart Computing's archives have left the web, so this links to the Internet Archive.
Lights! Cameras! Learning!
An article on basic video editing that I wrote for the American Society for Training and Development's Learning Circuits newsletter.
The BlackBerry in a World Without Windows
Linux Journal article on using the Blackberry with Linux systems


Reference or training manuals, either written or edited

Maneuver Control System, System Administrator Manual
Manual for administrators of the Maneuver Control System. I wrote and edited several chapters, and copyedited/proofread the entire manual.

My Websites

Sites I have designed/developed

Web site for the regional science fiction convention LI-CON. I designed and was the primary content author for the site as well as chairing the convention